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LeadSift Launches Buzz to Notify Sales Teams of Trigger Events on Their Target Accounts

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Halifax, Canada, August 15, 2019 –(– LeadSift (, a B2B Behavioral Intent data company, is launching a free tool LeadSift Buzz ( Allowing Sales teams to be notified anytime their key accounts have something exciting or mention-worthy going on directly to their inbox.

B2B Sales professionals spend countless hours doing multiple searches on Google, Linkedin, Twitter to find relevant information on their prospects before reaching out. LeadSift Buzz aims to automate this entire process – by collecting useful pieces of information from all the sources they manually research.

“Sales is all about timing and relevance. Sending the same ‘just checking’ emails to your prospects – really does nothing,” said Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift. “LeadSift Buzz uses Artificial Intelligence to research your key accounts – so that sales professionals can focus on reaching out.”

Mavrck, a leading Influencer Marketing Platform, has been leveraging LeadSift Buzz to send alerts to their Business Development team.

“Leadsift has been a great addition to our stack of sales tools. The best way to get a prospect’s attention is by reaching out with relevant information at the right time,” said David Soya, Business Development Manager at Mavrck. “With Leadsift’s new company Buzz tool, our sales team can more effectively track and engage our target accounts.”

LeadSift scans through millions of publicly available web documents to identify, extract, and classify Trigger Events for your target accounts. Pairing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, LeadSift Buzz will identify when your target accounts launch a new product, sign a partnership, sponsor an event, host a webinar or talk to you competitors.

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4 Ways to Fix Digital Privacy in Canada

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We see a lot of headlines every day about the growing impact of cybercrime.

Beauceron’s CEO, David Shipley, is often in the media providing explanation and context. While the news isn’t good, there is hope and a way for a more secure digital future for Canadians and people around the world.

With stories of recent major data breaches like Desjardins and Capital One hurting Canadians’ trust, their wallets, and even their identities, it’s time for the country to crack down on cybercrime.

Sounds like an insurmountable task, but there are tangible steps we can take in the short- and long-term future that could majorly cut down criminal activity online.

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Upcoming Webinar – How can SDR’s / BDR’s use Intent Data?

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Intent Data is one of the hottest buzzwords of 2019 for B2B Marketers. And why wouldn’t it be? Everyone would love to know which companies and buyers are in market for their solution. Marketing Teams are already fueling their advertising and marketing campaigns focusing on decision-makers and key champions in businesses who are showing intent to buy.

However one of the most critical components for success with Intent Data is making sure the Sales/Business Development teams understand and leverage this new source of intelligence in parallel with all other Marketing efforts.
In this Webinar, you’ll learn about:
  1. What is third-party intent?
  2. How can SDR/BDRs leverage Intent data to prioritize their prospecting efforts?
  3. How can Marketing lay out the framework for Sales to efficiently use Intent data?
  4. What are some limitations with third-party intent data?

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