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Squiggle Park Pitches at FETC

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Ed-Tech Startups at FETC Promote Both Mission and Profitability

Among more than 30 startups vying for the top spot at the Future of Education Technology Conference’s Pitchfest competition were those focused on coding, reading comprehension, writing and social-emotional learning. Many were crafted around the well-established idea that they could personalize the educational experience for students.

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January 28 is Data Privacy Day – yes, almost as fascinating to some as International Watching Paint Dry Day but, with data and identity theft or loss being a high risk for all organizations and all people, it pays to be mindful about how you handle and manage information.

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Webinar: How to Run Targeted B2B Ad Campaigns That Stand Out and Convert

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In this this webinar you will learn

  • What are the best paid channels a B2B Marketer can use for Customer Acquisitions?
  • How can you create engaging Ad copy to get the attention of your buyers?
  • How can you target your prospects across the buyer journey?
  • How to leverage Behavioral Intent Data to build Facebook/LinkedIn custom audiences.
  • How to discover and target leads not on your digitally owned properties with advertising campaigns for sales follow up.

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