Eyeread Presenting at Google for Startups Accelerator Canada – Demo Day 2020

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On Thursday November 26, 2020  Google is hosting a virtual Demo Day to celebrate the graduation of its inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator Canada cohort. This virtual event is designed to recognize the accomplishments of the 9 selected startups including Eyeread Inc. (developer of Squiggle Park and Dreamscape),  and hear about the ways they are using technology to solve one of the most important challenges in education.

Back in September 2020, Google officially kicked off the inaugural cohort of startups selected into the Google for Startups Accelerator Canada. From hundreds of applicants, these 9 startups were selected based on their readiness for the program, their use of AI/ML to solve their business challenges, and a specific technical challenge that Google mentorship and advisorship could help progress.

During the event you will hear from the 9 founders founders on their impactful businesses and inspiring successes.

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How a New Brunswick Company is Helping Businesses Lead in Diversity and Inclusion

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“If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that organizations’ Diversity and Inclusion strategies really need to have the goal of driving systemic change, because that’s where society is driving us,” says MESH/diversity Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Wright. “That’s what we do – help organizations understand how their behaviour and culture engage with the ‘invisible system’ that exists holding up those things that keep people down: racism, sexism, heterosexism. Our program helps our clients take specific proven steps to drive a positive change in a systemic way.”

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Fredericton Company Connects Long-Term Care Facilities And Families

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Amidst the uncertainties of Covid-19, FamilyConnect‘s technology helps build that bridge between families and the long-term care facilities looking after their loved ones.

“The big thing with FamilyConnect is realizing that the family needs to be brought in as a valued member of the care team and information does need to get to them and we need technology to help us in that way,” said Amanda Betts, founder of both FamilyConnect and New Brunswick health tech startup, eChart Healthcare.

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4 Ways to Fix Digital Privacy in Canada

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We see a lot of headlines every day about the growing impact of cybercrime.

Beauceron’s CEO, David Shipley, is often in the media providing explanation and context. While the news isn’t good, there is hope and a way for a more secure digital future for Canadians and people around the world.

With stories of recent major data breaches like Desjardins and Capital One hurting Canadians’ trust, their wallets, and even their identities, it’s time for the country to crack down on cybercrime.

Sounds like an insurmountable task, but there are tangible steps we can take in the short- and long-term future that could majorly cut down criminal activity online.

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Kognitiv Spark – the new reality for industry workforces

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Canadian company, Kognitiv Spark, provides industrial augmented reality (AR) task support software. Built for the Microsoft HoloLens, their RemoteSpark platform uses proprietary software technology to deliver an AR solution for remote support to industrial workforces.

TEST Magazine, caught up with Kognitiv Spark’s co-founder & CTO, Ryan Groom, and senior infrastructure manager, Paul Archer, to discuss the software and hardware challenges the company overcame to become a leader in the field of industrial augmented reality solutions.

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